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Six sound modules of 01’46’’, 01’56’’, 02’06’’, 02’19’’, 03’31’’, 03’49’’ each; 7x2,5x5,3cm acrylic cases

Beliche (translates to Bunkbed) is a sort of book of sorts being written by Aiko Carolina and Vinícius Maffei since 2020. In August 2023, they organised a vocal publication of the text in a bar in São Paulo, Brazil. The reading lasted for more than five hours and was registered with sound modules that both record and reproduce audio. The six matrix sound modules (the original devices used to record on-site) were copied onto other sound modules (a first, a second, a third copy, and so on) and now circulate as publications.

(The beginning of the vocal publication: three of us around a yellow table, sitting in equally yellow chairs, drinking beer and meaning vocal publishing for us.)

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