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by Dubious Gestures (Marina Dubia and Vinícius Maffei)

published by Betraying Gestures in collaboration with the label Coisas que Matam.

Colaglue is a cassette tape collage of writings, people, conversations, languages, and media, and what a microphone connected to a recorder on a summer afternoon captures between Marina Dubia and Vinícius Maffei (Dubious Gestures). The audio collage was produced from the proposition to read and write asking how to do or why to make a cassette tape.

Colaglue was edited in 2023 into 30 cassette tapes, each with a cover of glue squeezed between the insert and the acrylic case.

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A dialogue of the tape:

“I didn’t say something, I wrote things. It’s different.”

“You can talk now.”

“The kind of thing I write but wouldn’t say…

…at the same time, it’s a little dangerous. A lot of things that are only true in text appear.”

“Something truthful squeezed itself between the words.”

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