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I am a film director, screenwriter, singer, actress, and author. My body of work includes film, fiction, monologue, digital presentations, and live performance art. I am an experimental novelist, playwright, essayist, and postmodernist writer known for my idiosyncratic and transgressive writing that deals with themes such as childhood trauma, sexuality, and rebellion. I am an artist, writer, and performer. I produce fiction texts and new media-based work for performance and theater, audio, and video installations. I have permanent audio installations in American and European art institutions. I am a performance artist mainly known for my work in the area of Institutional Critique. I am an award-winning writer. My works are a mixture of essay, journalistic chronicle, and novel. My literature, fragmentary and ironic, blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality. I received a degree in painting. I worked at a museum, where I researched and carried out a didactic program. I am an artist and writer. My work consists of media installations, essays, novels, and live performances such as radio broadcasts, plays, and a musical. I spent three months living alone on an abandoned farm, an experience I describe as being formative. I mix personal thoughts with appropriated texts such as advertisements, slogans, and news articles. I write about art, a practice I never abandoned. I am a writer, visual artist, and teacher. My artistic practice is characterized by the constant transit between languages. I received grants and my work has been exhibited in several museums and art centers. I founded a digital publishing house focused on essays on art, theory, and criticism. My work grapples with the organisation and dispossession of that which lives. I am a contemporary artist. I am a typographer. I draw on interactivity and performance in my work, using the exhibition space as a platform to investigate the relationship between artwork, audience, and space. I work with the medium of writing, through performances and readings as well as sound recordings and installations. Within the variation of these formats, the voice is my main medium. I am an artist and film director, my practice includes performance, installation, video, and net-art works. My work is content-based. My work deals with issues of class, gender, sexuality, and middlebrow aesthetics. I am an artist, publisher, and antiquarian bookseller. Both my work as a visual artist and my poetry often deal with the depiction of reality in mediums that distort that reality. I am against biography. I am the author of six novels, five collections of short stories, two collections of essays, and two other nonfiction books. My work is concerned with the value structures surrounding an art practice and what happens when that practice is displaced into a non-art space. I am an artist known for my text-based works, poetry, and readings. I am a poet, literary critic, teacher, and translator. I am considered one of the main names of the mimeograph generation. Language, words, and the variety and materiality of language are also key issues in my books. I am a neo-conceptual artist. I write poetry that is internationally recognized, along with short stories, essays, and books. I work in multiple languages. I am interested in myths and history. I am a performance artist. Speech is my principal artistic subject and tool, and I often narrate long improvised stories inspired by the phantoms of literature, art history, and everyday adventures. I am an interdisciplinary artist and writer. My work centers on the use and meaning of language, and the translation of this process into the creative act. I have developed a unique practice, difficult to classify. My texts are a mix of private and public that regain authorship through the use of the voice, becoming a body of its own. I am an artist best known for my video, sound, and performance artworks. I emerged through a series of complex works exploring fragile phenomena through audio, text, and moving image. I am a writer and filmmaker. I am a writer, art critic, activist, and curator. The main focus of my work is the delivery of words and ideas in public spaces and includes large-scale installations, advertising billboards, projections on buildings and other structures, and illuminated electronic displays. I am among the first writers to argue for the "dematerialization" at work in conceptual art. I am a writer and criminal appellate attorney. I am the co-director of a print house. I am a writer, artist, and critic working solo and collaboratively in the fields of writing, visual art, and social practice. I am the author of a book of experimental non-fiction hailed as the first book written through Facebook. I am a writer and translator. For more than two decades I have been making poetic works that explore a wide variety of subjects experienced by artists and non-artists alike. I am a prominent and controversial writer, poet, playwright, and activist. I am known for being a visual artist writer. Using writing and the book as the basis of my artistic investigations, I explore and challenge how visual art, history, and politics engage and intersect. I am an artist and musician. I am a professor for time-related media.

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2022 - 2023

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