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Make-believe hotel room telephone

Aloud text on “Sound Module Writeable Voice Module 17 Minutes Voice Recording Module Music Player Board with Speaker MIC PC Phone Recording for DIY Music Box Greeting Card Creative” in AI-Generated voice and bordeaux red felt case

7’55’’; 8x1x11cm

Edition of 30 volumes

The 7-minute and 55-second long text was written from the found sentence, “make-believe hotel room telephone”. The aloud text reproduced by pressing a button on the sound module is the story of Sally and her lamb, Lamby, in a hotel room. Lamby is sick, and Sally has an important business dinner to attend, which prompts her to make a series of inauspicious phone calls in search of someone to watch Lamby while she is out. The sentence was found researching fiction from technologies of communication and the transitory space of the hotel room (between the intimate and the public; the secret and the published).

(The sound module installed at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts for Rundgang 2023.)

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