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Sleepy and Sad (Happyberry) is

a book with no page numbers written by two heads and at least four hands by Aiko Carolina and Vinícius Maffei in 2022. Sleepy and Sad (Happyberry) is mostly in English but has bits in Portuguese, the languages from which the authors communicate writing the text for Betraying Gestures’ first book publication of 20 almost square pages.

Edition of 75 volumes.


The hyperbolic text in blue letters is too short to have a synopsis. The following excerpt proves its plot is a mood (sleepy and sad): “I needed a vacation. I went to a travel agency with urlaub in my mind and said I had two hundred units of currency and I wanted to go somewhere far. Where can you take me? I want to see rocks, and I want to be around rocks. I want to hear the ocean. I want to put my face in the sea and splash water on the back of my neck. Two hundred, you say? Let’s go to Garopaba. Let’s go together, said the travel agent. No, not you. Oh my gosh, you’re so boring. I can’t stand looking at your face for more than two hours. If we go anywhere together, I will explode, and the bag of lies, I don’t believe you. Can we sleep together? I feel so alone. Remember love, remember love. Love is what takes to the sea. I remember the first time I felt love, my lover’s dad was an airline pilot. Maybe he can get us some tickets for free. Hi, sir. Do you remember me? I need tickets to fly for free. I met some friends in the travel agency and they also need to fly for free. Can you call your boss and tell him our story? Yes. What is the number? I’m so drunk I can’t see. I can’t call him now. I told you I was dying for a beer. You really did. I don’t remember much, but I remember you saying you were dying for beer. Can I have a beer? That depends, can you take me and my friends far away? We have already tried to travel reading books. We traveled a lot with books and we saw beautiful landscapes and ideas. Our eyes need new horizons! It’s ok, have this burger. I’m having a brown ale. A toast for us and our text! Cheers in German. Ok!!!! Good trip. Vamos decolar! Far and beyond.”

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